Traveling With Your Dog

Traveling dog

If you are traveling with your dog this summer, here are a few tips to help you prepare.

1 – See your vet – Make sure all vaccinations are up to date.  Carry a record of those with you.  Make sure you have an ample supply of all medications.

2 – ID Tag – Even if your dog has a microchip, it is a good idea to use an ID tag while traveling.  Include your name, address, cell phone number, the location and contact number for where you will be staying, and perhaps an email address.  A recent photo of your dog will make it easier for others to help find a lost dog.

3 – Food – Make sure you pack plenty of your dog’s food.  It is a good idea to have a couple of extra days supply as well just in case plans change or unexpected delays occur on the way home.  Don’t rely on a store at your destination to have your particular brand of food.

4 – Water – Be sure to always have plenty of water available during the trip.  Bottled water is best since dog’s stomachs can be sensitive to changes in water supply.

5 – Other packing essentials – Other necessities to consider include bedding and favorite toys.  I like to always have an extra leash and collar as well, especially if going to the beach where I know they will be quickly covered in sand!

If you are traveling by car, here are a few other considerations.

  • Please, no heads out of the window!  I know that dogs smile wildly feeling the breeze on their face, however it is just not safe.  Your dog can be easily injured by flying debris.
  • Make frequent stops for bathroom and exercise.  Be sure to offer water at each stop to prevent dehydration.
  • Don’t leave them alone in a parked vehicle.  The temperature in cars, even with windows down, can rise very quickly.
  • The safest place for your dog to ride is in the back seat.  Just like small children, dogs are unsafe riding in the front seat of a car.


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