The Easter bunny is coming!

Is your dog’s Easter basket ready?  Here are some of the Easter bunny’s favorite way to fill Annie Girl’s basket.

  • A new spring collar – Even dogs need new Easter outfits!
  • Outdoor toys – Spring is a great time to get outside and play with some new balls and water toys!
  • Travel gear – Are you planning any hiking, camping, or beach trips this summer?  Pick out a new travel water bottle or splurge on some colorful waste bags!
  • Homemade dog treats – Consider making your own treats to ensure a healthy snack that is free of preservatives, dyes and sweeteners.

Of course there are a few things you want to avoid.

  • Candy –  Jelly beans and marshmallow candy contain lots of sugar and can raise your pet’s blood glucose to dangerous levels. Even diet candy is bad for dogs. Sugar substitutes, like xylitol, can be toxic and can cause a sudden drop in blood sugar or liver failure. Chocolate candy contains a chemical called theobromine that is toxic to dogs. That chocolate Easter bunny can elevate your dog’s heart rate or even cause a seizure. Dark chocolate is more dangerous than milk chocolate. And all candy can cause vomiting or diarrhea, especially if the dog eats candy wrapper and all.
  • Easter eggs pose a danger, too. Consumption of boiled eggs can definitely cause an upset stomach and may really constipate a dog if the shells are eaten. Passing undigested egg shells can make your dog miserable. If the dog swallows the egg whole, it can block the intestinal tract and surgery may be needed to remove it.  Be cautious with the plastic eggs as well, especially around puppies who will try to eat just about anything!
  • Synthetic grass lining the basket can also create problems. Fake grass made of paper or plastic will cause GI troubles if ingested. Even worse, long strings of fake grass can cause an intestinal blockage which may require surgery.

Happy basket filling!



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