Take Your Dog to Work Day – Friday, June 20th

Take your dog to work day 2014Are you ready?  The next Take Your Dog To Work Day is Friday, June 20th!  Over the years I have worked with several companies that allowed employees to bring their dogs to work.  Studies have shown the positive impact of dogs in the workplace.  Just imagine the increase in creativity when dogs are roaming around the office.  They just might add that missing spark to your next presentation!

Some employers have concerns about allowing dogs in the workplace.  Believe me, after working with Human Resources for 15+ years, I understand those concerns!  Building codes, liability issues, and employee allergies are just a few things to consider.  There are ways to address these concerns and make the event a success for everyone!  However, if dogs can not be allowed in your office, there are still ways you can celebrate.  Consider having employees bring in items from your local shelter’s wish list along with a photo of their furry friend.

Here are 7 Rules For Success on Take Your Dog To Work Day.  Download Your TYDTWD Action Pack Today 


Charlotte Dog Runner


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