Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Why dog running?

We love running and so do dogs!  Most dogs need 30 to 60 minutes of physical exercise per day. Walking is good but a walk around the block is minimal exercise and not enough for most dogs. Especially active breeds!  When it comes maintaining heart health, muscle tone, weight management, burning off excess energy and alleviating problem behaviors, we need to get the heart pumping and the legs running.  Some dogs are better suited to run faster and/or farther, which is why we tailor our sessions to meet the individual needs and traits of your dog.

Q:  What if my dog does not currently walk or run on a leash?

Training is part of our job.  Most dogs have a learning curve when it come to walking, and then running, well on a leash.  We will work with your dog.  We know they can do it!  

Q:  Are you an alternative to a Dog Walker?

Dogs are like humans in many aspects when it comes to exercise.  Some need more than others. They crave variety for mental and physical stimulation and development.  Our customized programs are designed to provide your dog with the specific benefits they need based on their breed, age, and individual traits.  We will keep them on their paws, physically and mentally!  Rest and Recovery days are built into our schedule and we provide walks and other less vigorous play on those days.  All sessions provide relief walks and lots of TLC.  However if you currently have a dog walker that you love, we can complement their services.

Q:  Are you an alternative to Doggie Daycare?

Yes, and no.  We may be an alternative for less social dogs, dogs with severe anxiety, or owners whose schedules make dropping off and picking up at doggie daycare a concern.  However, we know how important socialization is for dogs.  We also believe that dogs crave the open play time offered by doggie daycare to freely run, jump, play and interact with other dogs.  We are a great complement to doggie daycare!  

Q:  How do I get started?

To get started, just give us a call (704.607.1221)!  We will schedule a complimentary introductory meeting.  This meeting is an important start to building our relationship with you and your dog(s).  At this meeting, we will get to know you and your dog, discuss your expectations and goals, go over the details of what to expect when you hire us, and take your dog for a brief walk/run to get an idea of his/her current abilities.  We will follow-up with a customized fitness schedule to fit your schedule and budget and meet your dog’s needs.

Q:  How will I know what happens while I am away?

We understand your dog is more than a furry pet.  He is a cherished friend.  She is your baby.  We will leave a note after each session letting you know how your dog did that day.  We will let you know what we did, where we went, and what we saw.   You will get stories, pictures and videos.  We will respect your privacy at all times.  Nothing will be shared without your permission.  

Q:  Do you have Insurance?

Yes, we carry general liability insurance and have specific pet care coverage.

Q:  What if the weather is bad?

As long as it is safe, we will run.  Severe thunder storms and icy conditions are generally the only conditions we will avoid.  In extreme heat, we will alter sessions to provide a slower pace, multiple cooling methods and more rest breaks.  Cold is not as much of an issue as dogs generate heat while exercising and most really enjoy running in colder temperatures.  Regardless of the weather conditions, we will provide a relief break as long as it is safe for us to get to your dog.  

We are sure you have other questions.  Please give us a call (704.607.1221) or send us an email (  We are happy to answer them all.