Fitness Sessions

Just like people, dogs need regular vigorous physical activity.  Running is the most natural exercise for dogs.  It is a great way for your dog to burn off extra energy and get a healthy workout.  Walks typically do not provide enough exercise for most dogs and do not utilize all of their energy.

Running not only provides cardiovascular benefits, maintains muscle tone and assists in weight management, it can help alleviate problem behaviors that arise out of boredom.

Charlotte Dog Runner’s services are geared toward giving your dog the appropriate amount of exercise for his or her age, breed, health, and individual traits.  Sessions are fully customizable based on your dog’s needs.

Single fitness session – $25

Package of ten fitness sessions – $225

Each session includes a warm up, 30 minute workout, and a cool down.  Before we begin the fitness session, we take care of the necessities by allowing time for a potty break, water, and some sniffing and exploring.  We also use this time to review basic training commands.

Our runs begin at a slow pace and short distance and work up to your dog’s ideal pace and distance.  Longer fitness sessions may be purchased if longer workouts are desired.  We constantly monitor for any signs of fatigue or injury, and take breaks as needed.

Running may not be suitable for every dog, and walks and playtime are available for those dogs that cannot or should not run.  Fetch, tug and other games with your puppy’s favorite toys are a great way for them to get in short periods of vigorous exercise while allowing sufficient rest periods as needed. Of course, playtime isn’t just for puppies. Older, arthritic dogs who might not be able to run long distances can benefit from moderate exercise and play.  Even young, healthy dogs who love to run enjoy an occasional or regular play session at home. We are happy to build a play schedule that fits your dog’s unique traits.

If it has been more than 12 months since your dog visited the vet, we encourage you to have a complete veterinarian check-up prior to beginning any new fitness program.

Dogs must be up to date on vaccinations and must not be aggressive toward other dogs or people.