Fitness Session Overview

Are your curious about what a fitness session looks like?  Here is an overview.

Upon arrival, your dog is greeted with an enthusiastic hug and lots of love!  After gathering our things, leash, water, waste bags, etc., we head out!  Before we begin the session, we take care of the necessities by allowing time for a potty break, water, and some sniffing and exploring.  We also use this time to review basic training commands.  We then begin our thirty minute fitness session.  Each fitness session consists of a warm up, a work-out, and a cool down.

The work-out will vary by dog and by day.  Some of our work-out activities are:

  • Dog Bed to 5k Programs
  • Game Day – Fetch, Chase, Hide and Seek
  • Agility training

Through out the workout, training is reinforced and water is offered.  Your dog’s health is constantly monitored and the workout is adjusted as needed.  Back at home, your dog is treated to a gentle massage and comforting farewell, usually as they drift off for a nap!

Sounds great, right?  Our thirty minute fitness sessions are truly thirty minutes of fitness time.  We are actually with your dog for longer, usually 45 minutes to an hour.  Owners receive a detailed note, email and/or pictures of the days activities.  Most importantly, they return home to a happy, relaxed dog.

Fitness Sessions occur rain or shine.  Most dogs love to run in the rain, however some absolutely detest the rain.  No problem.  We will adapt the workout to the weather and space available.

Still have questions?  See our Frequently Asked Questions page or even better, give us a call at 704.607.1221!

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  1. Stefanie Goldman

    My husband and I are looking for someone to run our dog bear. He is a 2 year old boxer pit mix and is good natured and extremely friendly with way too much energy. We are looking for someone to run him atleast 2 days a week. We have tried doggy daycares and been very disappointed with quality of care. We live at the tip on Indian Land, SC behind carolinanplace mall in pineville, NC. We look forward to hearing from you Stef


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