Dog-Friendly Cake Tips

Anne's pawty cakeThere are a lot of reasons to celebrate with our dogs.  Birthdays, adoption anniversaries, puppy showers, and celebrating friendships to name a few!  All occasions go well with cake (or cupcakes!) so you may find yourself in need of a dog-friendly cake.  Your dog may be dreaming of a layer of bacon topped with peanut butter followed by a layer of chicken topped with more peanut butter but that is going to be hard to decorate!  Of course you can order a cake from a local pet bakery but you can also make one at home.  The key is to avoid sugar and chocolate, both of which could cause gastrointestinal problems and make your dog very ill.  There is no lack of recipes for dog cakes online.  This one is from Allrecipes.  Doggie Birthday Cake Recipe from 

A few other guidelines for dog-friendly cakes:

  • Use peanut butter or yogurt for icing.
  • Dogs can have difficulty digesting nuts.  Either leave them out or chop them into very small pieces.
  • Use carob instead of chocolate.  Chocolate can be poisonous to dogs.  Carob is a dog-safe substitute.  It is available in powdered and chip form.
  • To avoid a fire hazard, consider using a dog treat instead of a candle.  Dogs move fast…especially when smelling a tasty treat and may knock a candle over unexpectedly.
  • Don’t over feed your dog.  Even though it may be tempting to let your dog dive into and devour a large slice of cake, too much of an unfamiliar food might make your dog sick.  A few bites is the perfect portion size.
  • If you are serving multiple dogs, make sure they each have their own plate to avoid unintended altercations!

Have fun baking!  There are a lot of dog themed cooking supplies out there waiting for you!  We would love to see your finished products and have you share your recipes.   Share them with us on Facebook and Pinterest!

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