Dog Bed to 5k Program

GBGV-Emma-ready-to-work-outDogs make great workout partners.  They rarely have meetings to attend or emails to return so their schedules are really flexible!  They are ready when you are!  Well, they are available.  Depending on your current workout level, they may or may not be physically ready to join you. With the cooler fall weather coming in just a little over a month, it is time to get your dog ready to join you on those beautiful fall walks and/or runs.

The most common job for dogs these days is Couch Potato, or Dog Bed Potato.  Going from Dog Bed to 5k will make your dog healthier and happier.  Here are my top tips for getting your dog from Dog Bed to 5k.

1.  Take your dog to your vet for a check-up.  Make sure your pet is up to date on vaccinations and physically able to begin a fitness program.

2.  Follow a customized program.  A dog’s exercise needs and abilities vary by breed, age and individual traits.

3. Protect your dog during walks and/or runs.

  • You will most likely wear shoes with thick, comfy soles on them so your dog’s footpads will be more sensitive than your feet.  Be wary of pavement temperatures that may be too hot, broken glass, or other objects that may harm their paws.
  • Watch where you are going, especially if you are near restaurants or picnic areas.  Dogs can snatch a leftover chicken bone or other choking and digestive hazard in a matter of seconds.
  • Not all dogs are friendly!  Not all are up to date on vaccinations.  Not all are free of fleas.  It is a good rule of thumb to keep your dog away from all dogs you do not know.
  • Watch closely for signs of overheating or limping.

There are many benefits of running for both you and your dog.  Heart health, muscle tone, anxiety reduction, and weight management are just a few.  However my favorite benefit may be joy!  Have you ever watched a dog run?  Pure joy!  Joy that is contagious!

Charlotte Dog Runner

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