Annie Girl’s Memory Quilt

Annie Girl's Memory Quilt

After looking at Annie Girl’s toys and bedding sit in a corner in my bedroom for almost two months, I realized I would never be able to part with them. I also knew I didn’t want to put them in a box that would be shoved into a closet and most likely not opened for years (we all have those boxes in our closets, right?).

A crazy idea popped into my head one night.  Let me preface this by saying I have absolutely no sewing ability at all.  Seriously, sewing buttons pushing me to my limit.  I always have a roll of the no-sew hem tape on hand!  So when the idea to use her toys to make a quilt popped into my head, I started to panic a little.  I loved the idea but had no idea if it was possible yet the more I thought about it, the more I knew it was exactly what I needed and wanted to do.  So in those close to midnight hours, you know the hours when you should be asleep but your mind is racing way too fast, I began making a list of what I would need to do to accomplish this task.  Step one – research sewing machines.  Step two – research sewing classes.  Thankfully the light of day bought clarity and I did what most of us do these days when we need something or someone.  We post on Facebook!  All I asked was for the name of someone who makes quilts.  After all, if this really was a crazy impossible idea, it was better to only have a few people laugh at me, right?  Well a friend quickly responded with the name, Custom Sewing by Jill.

I met Jill with a huge bag full of Annie Girl’s favorite toys, the bedding from her beds, and her collars and leashes.  I knew immediately that Jill was the perfect person to make this quilt.  I know this quilt was made with as much love as it represents.  Sometimes crazy ideas turn into beautiful family heirlooms.Anne's Quilt by Jill 2


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